Adopt a single interface
for all stakeholders
in facility management.

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The Platform

Facility management today is more than often an expensive, complex and inefficient procedure. At we introduce a new way of running your facilities by integrating people, systems, place and process through conversational technology.

Wapo is your virtual facility manager that addresses all stakeholders in buildings and helps enterprises reduce costs, increase productivity and optimise property performance.


The new interface for all your building's activity is the wapoBOT. A chatbot that talks in all messaging platforms and voice devices, making Human-Building related interaction easy, fun and purposeful.

WapoBOT has a dual function. It can respond to user requests, but also trigger the right information to the right users through a fully automated process.

Request Handling

Wapo understands all input that relates to a problem that a user might have and it concerns the facility infrastructure. HVAC, lighting, IT, name it! With its Natural Understanding capability wapo is then programmed to automate tasks, give further information and make our user's life simple and purposeful. Have a look it's pretty cool:

Property Performance

Wapo is designed in a way that it can communicate with IoT sensors, BMS systems, Automation controllers and more. This way importart hidden information becomes handy in a conversation.