Employees are key to efficient building operations.

Empower them by giving them a voice and meaningful interactions with their working environments.

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Different types of customers are using the wapoBOT in their buildings. Grab a taste of how they are creating a whole new experience for their employees.

Education Campus


The American College of Greece, strives to “add distinctive and sustainable value to our students”. In line with its mission, energy is being monitored through out the campus and the technical management team is able to address bad behavior, scheduling issues and long term planning. Since 2016, a full-scale awareness project, in manners of environmental sustainability, is being deployed across staff and students, utilizing the wapo platform.

Retail Electronics


Media Markt in Greece has been the first successful case study of wapo.io. By analyzing energy and HVAC data from stores, the wapo.io opportunity discovery was able to locate 17% energy waste from the way the buildings where being operated. Since then, wapo has been a close partner of the asset operations team, building strong teams around environmental sustainability.

Cash & Carry


Makro Greece is the leading wholesale foodstore operator in Greece. Wapo connects to all energy consuming systems in the stores and the offices, providing 24/7 energy operational excellence. Utilizing mobile Slack integration since 2016, Makro is leading the way in spreading engagement to employees across the country.

Office Building


The Delphis building is an impressive construction, of modern architecture and with emphasis in energy saving systems and environmental sustainability. All system data are collected to the wapo backend. Reflecting the company’s pro-active stance, 50 employees are communicating via Slack and have been interfacing with wapoBOT since May 2016.

BMS Integrator


T. Zarifopoulos SA is the leading provider of automation products and services, to a wide clientéle in Greece and across SE Europe. Utilizing their substantial installed base of equipment, T. Zarifopoulos SA has a strong partnership with wapo.io, offering a wide array of services ranging from energy monitoring, to engagement with BEMS systems.

Facility Management


Redex provides mutual benefit services to real estate owners of any size, for productive, residential and investment purposes. The company provides a variety of Facility Management services in three distinctive business units: Facility Management, Constructions & Reconstructions, Energy Saving Solutions, where a long-standing partnership with wapo.io has added to the value proposition delivered to end customers.

We are all in this together

Cost Cutting, Employee Satisfaction & Environmental Sustainability.
Three often conflicting strategies in most commercial organisations. Until now.


Facility management with boosted productivity and tangible savings.


Happier employees that contribute to sustainability with lifestyle.


Corporate environmental strategy that involves actively the human capital.